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We at Stall SP is pleased to offer

Here at Stall SP we offer initial training, gait training, and preparation and presentation of Icelandic horses at breeding assessments. Stall SP is a state of the art fitness and training facility for the Icelandic horse. We rate quality and good service very highly and do our best to ensure that both you and your horse will get the best experience.



Stabling includes forage, up to 1kg normal concentrates, bedding and turn-out on a par with all the other horses in the stable. Special feed requests can be arranged on the horse owner's expense.

Price for stabling 4500 NOK + VAT per month


Initial Training:

Starting horses at Stall SP relies on a partnership with the horse. Horses are herd animals and therefore it is important that the horse see us as the leader from the very beginning of their work with us. The first days of initial training are the most important because this is when we get the horse to choose us as a leader by using light exercises in the round pen, where we use body language to apply and release pressure to get the horse to come to us and choose us as the natural leader. The aim is to get the horse to cooperate with us so that the horse is safe to ride. Depending on how long the horse is with us, he learns stopping and starting, moving the shoulder and hindquarters away from pressure both from the ground and with a rider on his back. Focus is on ensuring that the horse is thinking forward, is easy to stop and is responsive to the rider's aids. We introduce the bit while loose lungeing and the first few times we ride the horse we use a bit with a western halter.

Price for starting horse:
Stallion : 9000 NOK + VAT per month
Mare / Gelding : 8500 NOK + VAT per month


Further Training:

We also take horses for gait training whether it is teaching the gaits or improving general fitness of the horse. Programmes are tailored to the individual horse to achieve the best result. It is possible to vary the length of stay throughout the year. We do what we can to ensure that your horse will get the best conditions for the best result and the correct training. As our customer, we guarantee an honest and sincere assessment of the horse as well as the goals and expectations you may have of the horse.

Price for Further Training:
Stallion : 9000 NOK + VAT per month
Mare / Gelding : 8500 NOK + VAT per month


Breeding Assessments:

If you are thinking about showing your mare or stallion we offer a professional training and presentation service. The training plan is arranged individually for each horse. After a month of training, we will advise whether the horse will be able to do well at the Breeding Assessment. The length of training period up to a Breeding Assessment will vary from horse to horse.

Price for preparation and presentation at the Breeding Assessment:
Stallion : 9000 NOK + VAT per month
Mare / Gelding : 8500 NOK + VAT per month
Presentation fee 5000 NOK + VAT
This covers any costs in connection with the Breeding Assessment.

All livery and training at Stall SP takes place at the owner's risk. We require owners to sign our training contract.
If the horse needs shoeing, worming, or dental treatment during its stay, the costs will be added to the price of training. We have a well-functioning and professional team of veterinarians, farriers, etc. that we work with.



We offer lessons and courses with Stian Pedersen for riders of all abilities. Stian focuses on the individual horse and rider, and their training goals. We have several different programmes that can be tailored to the individual customer .
We also have courses here on site in the Spring Autumn - Next Level courses. Read more about these under Courses .

If you want to book lessons or courses with Stian, please feel free to contact us by mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call tel : 0047 452 80 290 to hear more about pricing and options.


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