Lisa fra Jakobsgården

Lisa fra Jakobsgården - NO2002215072

Conformation: 8.11
Ridden abilities: 7.96
Total: 8.02

F:  IS1995184968 Jarl frá Miðkrika
FF: IS1990184730 Andvari frá Ey I
FM: IS1986284980 Huld frá Hvolsvelli

M:  NO1996215122 Aska fra Stall Kjersem
MF: IS1987157571 Burkni frá Borgarhóli
MM: NO1984215240 Birna fra Myran

Lisa fra Jakobsgården is an unbelieveably good 4-gaited mare who has proved herself on the breeding assessment and sport competition tracks. Until 2012 Lisa was Isak´s and Agnes´s riding horse at various competitions and in 2010 Isak was Junior Norwegian Championin in T.1.

She was assessed for the last time in 2009 when she got 8.5 for tölt, gallop, canter, general impression and walk. She got 8 for trot, spirit, and slow tölt. This is definitely an exciting mare that we are looking forward to breeding from!

Visning 2009:

Head 8
Neck/Withers/Shoulders 8.5
Back and Croup 7
Proportions 8
Legs 8.5
Joints 7
Hooves 8.5
Mane and Tail 7.5
Conformation 8.11
Ridden abilities
Tölt 8.5
Trot 8
Pace 6
Gallop 8.5
Spirit 8
General impression 8.5
Walk 8.5
Rideability 7.96
Slow tölt 8
Canter 8.5
   Total 8.02


2013: Tindur fra Jakobsgården (7.90) BLUP 112 (F: Noi fra Jakobsgården)

2014: Undri fra Jakobsgården BLUP 102 (F: Lettir fra Hellesylt)
2015: Visa fra Jakobsgården BLUP 110 (F: Noi fra Jakobsgården)
2016: Alvar fra Jakobsgården BLUP 111 (F: Bylur fra Breidholti)
2017: Baugur fra Jakobsgården BLUP 115 (F: Stjornustæll fra Dalvik)
2018: Draumur fra Jakobsgården BLUP 111(F: Bylur fra Breidholti)
2019: Empty
2020: Fantasia fra Jakobsgården BLUP 111 (F. Bylur fra Breidholti)
2021: Greifi fra Jakobsgården BLUP 107 (F. Sigur fra Jakobsgården)

2022: Herkúles frá Jakobsgården (F. Valíant frá Rauðalæk)