Aradis fra Jakobsgården

Aradis fra Jakobsgården - NO2003215048

Conformation: 8.39
Ridden abilities: 8.57
Total: 8.50

F: IS1995184968 Jarl frá Miðkrika
FF: IS1990184730 Andvari frá Ey I
FM: IS1986284980 Huld frá Hvolsvelli

M: IS1990258614 Fluga frá Flugumýri
MF: IS1987157563 Blakkur frá Flugumýri
MM: IS1980258626 Kvika frá Flugumýri

Aradis has the highest breeding assessment marks of all our mares. In 2010 she was the fourth best mare in the world amongst those aged seven years or older with a total mark of 8.44. In 2011 Aradís was assessed again and improved her marks.  8.50 in total, with as much as 8.57 for rideability and 8.39 for conformation! She got four marks of 9.00 in 2011 for trot, gallop, general impression and canter. In addition to this she got 8.5 for tölt, spirit and slow tölt. Aradis is a beautiful, forward-going, 5-gaited mare with fantastic gaits and good bloodlines. She is now being used as a brood mare and in 2012 bred a lovely colt foal by Tigull fra Kleiva.

Assessment 2011:

Head 7.5
Neck 8.5
Back 8
Proportions 8.5
Legs (Quality) 9
Legs (Joints) 8
Hooves 8.5
Mane 7.5
Conformation 8.39
Tölt 8.5
Trot 9
Pace 8
Gallop 9
Spirit 8.5
General Impression 9
Walk 8
Rideability 8.57
Slow tölt 8.5
Canter 9
Total 8.50



2012: Sigur fra Jakobsgården (8.00)  BLUP 118 (F: Tigull fra Kleiva)
2013: Tara fra Jakobsgården (8.44) BLUP 129 (F: Noi fra Jakobsgården)
2014: Arion fra Jakobsgården (8.07) BLUP 118 (F: Lettir fra Hellesylt)
2015: Amor fra Jakobsgården BLUP 123 (F: Viktor fra Diisa)
2016: Arnþor fra Jakobsgården BLUP 119 (F: Bylur fra Breidholti)
2017: Bjarmi fra Jakobsgården BLUP 116 (F: Bjartmar fra Nedre Sveen)
2018: Djass fra Jakobsgården BLUP 118 (F: Freyr fra Nedre Sveen)
2019: Elborg fra Jakobsgården BLUP 118 (F. Freyr fra Nedre Sveen)
2020: Flugar fra Jaobsgården (F. Gústaf fra Nedre Sveen)