Nói fra Jakobsgården

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Nói fra Jakobsgården - NO2008115081

F: Trúr frá Auðsholtshjáleigu    IS2000187052
FF: Orri frá Þúfu í Landeyjum IS1986186055
FM: Tign frá Enni IS1988257700    

M: Frigg frá Flugumýri IS1992258615
MF: Blakkur frá Flugumýri IS1987157563
MM: Freyja frá Flugumýri IS1986258615

Total: 8.56
BLUP: 119



Nói was awarded the prize for the Best Norwegian bred stallion of the year in 2012.

Nói fra Jakobsgården is a talented 4-year old who was graded as a 1st prize stallion after a fairly short training period in the spring of 2012. Nói has the same mother as Globus fra Jakobsgården and is by the Orri-son Trúr frá Auðholtshjáleigu. He is a very well-behaved stallion with a sensible and co-operative temperament, but with a lot of power.

Nói was awarded good marks for conformation (8.31) with 9 for neck/withers/shoulders, 9,0 for back and hindquarters, and  8,5 for proportions.

He got 9 for pace and spirit, and a total of 8.56 for rideability, Nói is the second best 5 year old stallion in the WORLD so far this year (2012).

Nói is a  5-gaited stallion with a high-set neck and who seems to have an endless capacity for length of stride. At the moment it looks as though he is on the way to the breeding show at the World Championships as a 5 year old stallion!!

Nói was shown again in 2013. Have a look at his new assessment!!


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Assessment International Assessment Tresfjord
Start date 07.06.2012
End date 10.06.2012
Island/FIZO/FEIF FIZO 2010 - 40% / 60%
Horse NO2008115081 Nói fra Jakobsgården
Rider's ID-nr.  
Name Erlingur Erlingsson


148 137 143 67 144 38 49 45 6.5 30 18.5










9.1   8.3  
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Head 7.5
Neck 9
Back 9.0
Proportions 8.5
Legs (Quality) 7.5
Legs (Joints) 8.0
Hooves 8.0
Mane 8
Conformation 8.31
Tølt 8.5
Trot 8
Pace 9.0
Gallop 8.0
Spirit 9.0
General Impression 8.5
Walk 8.5
Rideability 8.56
Slow Tolt 8
Canter 8


Total 8.46