Arion fra Jakobsgården SOLD!

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Arion fra Jakobsgården NO2014115045

Sire: Léttir fra Hellesylt (8.41)
Dam: Aradís fra Jakobsgården (8.5)
Ext 8.3 Rid 7.91 Total: 8.07
BLUP 118

 Arion is a talented 5-gaited stallion after Lettir fra Hellesylt and Aradis fra Jakobsgården, who among other things is the dam to Sigur fra Jakobsgården (8.00) and Tara fra Jakobsgården (8.44). He is evaluvated with  8.07 as total, and got 8.5 for tolt, gallop and general impression. Arion has also 9 for hooves and joints, 8.5 for legs, back and croup and proportions.

Price: D

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