NEW DATE! Iben Andersen 23.nov-1.Dec


NEW DATE, as many of you feel that this course was originally planned for too early in the Autumn :)

This year StallSP is offering, once again,  an international level course for starting young horses. On this course you will get your horse started off at the same time as participating on the course and learning the methods used on the first and second weekends. We would like to emphasise that this course is open to all breeds of horse. Iben works in the Netherlands, with the initial training of big, part-bred horses, and Grand Prix talents on a daily basis!!

Stall SP now offers an intensive basic training course with the Danish trainer, Iben Andersen. Iben has worked with horses for many years and has gained a huge amount of knowledge in Australia, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Norway, Iceland and Denmark. The course is run as two weekend courses with 5 days training between the two weekends, 23.november – 1.dec 2013.
Find out more about Iben and her training methods at

The course

Max 10 participants

This course runs over 9 days.  Two weekends where horse and rider are taught by Iben to work together using her method, and then 5 days between the two weekends where Iben herself trains intensively with the horse.

This course is primarily aimed at an untrained horse, but could also be suitable for horses which have had a bad start to their career as a riding horse,and maybe need starting all over again. 

Price for 9 days intensive training course: Kr. 8000

(Price includes 9 days stabling for the horse, two training weekends for the rider incl. lunch, and 5 days training

Spectating participants

Spectators are also welcome to call in during the weekend courses and to follow the work with the horses.

Spectator fees are as follows:

First weekend (saturday-sunday): kr. 1200

Both weekends (2 saturdays + 2 sundays): Kr. 2000


Application deadline: 23.10.13

Payment deadline: 15.11.13

Account number: 3910 19 37813

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