Fluga has foaled!

fluga baugur 2013


Foals are popping out :) Colt foal out of Fluga, by Baugur. Fluga is also the mother of Spenna, Aradis, Gná, Dimmey and a few others!!

This year we are expecting 6 foals, 4 by Nói fra Jakobsgården, 1 by Baugur fra Viðinesi and 1 by Trur fra Auðholtshjáleigu. One is from Skáldmöld fra Dyrfinnastöðum. More photos soon! As well as Fluga´s, we have foals from Aska and Nói, Aradis and Nói, Þordis and Nói. All the foals are looking good, a great deal of "hope and love for the future" as Christina Lund put it so well on Facebook the other day :)