Aradis fra Jakobsgården has received Honorary Prize for offsprings!

Aradis fra Jakobsgården (8.50 total) achieved the honor price for offsprings last weekend. She is the 2nd Norwegian mare to ever hold this prize!
Thanks to her BLUP of 116 and so many amazing offsprings she has given us.
Aradis 14

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(Photos: Tine Johansen, all above!)

 Aradis fra Jakobsgården was bred by Stian Pedersen and Agnes Helga Helgadottir, and is owned by Stall SP Breeding AS. She is after the legendary Jarl frá Miðkrika, total 8.33 as a fourgaiter. Jarl and Stian have competed together for many years and have won 4 gold medals in the world championships together. The mother is Fluga fra Flugumyri, she shown with a total 7.98, ridden abilities 8.11.
Aradis was shown in 2011 and was evaluated to a score of 8.50. She received a score for conformation of 8.39 and ridden abilities 8.57, with 9.0 for trot, gallop, canter, and general impression. She has so far given us 10 offspring, of which 5 offspring that have been shown in FIZO, and one in conformation. Many of her offspring has also done well in the sport competitions. Sigur is the competition horse to Agnes, and they have won multiple world ranking competitions, and even represented Norway under this year Nordic Championship.

Shown offsprings
- Sigur fra Jakobsgården - 8.00 total
- Tara fra Jakobsgården - 8.44 total

- Arion fra Jakobsgården - 8.07 total
- Amor fra Jakobsgården - 7.94 total, 8.25 total w/o pace
- Bjarmi fra Jakobsgården - 7.67 total, 7.90 total w/o pace
- Djass fra Jakobsgården - 8.07 confirmation only

 Sigur fra Jakobsgården (f. Tigull fra Kleiva)       Tara fra Jakobsgården (f. Noi fra Jakobsgården)   Arion fra Jakobsgården (f. Lettir fra Hellesylt)
 MG 5517Oversiktsvisning 484Arion Rideprve 1 of 3
Amor fra Jakobsgården (f. Viktor fra Diisa)    Bjarmi fra Jakobsgården (f. Bjartmar fra Nedre Sveen)   Djass fra Jakobsgården (f. Freyr fra Nedre Sveen)
AmorBjarmi eksterirIMG 5582